how can i see how many backlinks i have in my website ?

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how can i see how many backlinks i have in my website ?

Go to yahoo
In the search box type in link:your URL

Otherwise get a Google webmasters account. Verify you own the site and it tells you a lot about your website

I think Google webmasters tools is something that evry internet marketer should have. it's free after all

Also, on Google use: backlink:your url

I normally use google webmaster to find the backlinks.

Many of back links checker tools are available one of is

I always used for checking my backlinks.

I always check the back links with backlink watch.Its really good.

Google Webmaster tool is the best source to know how many backlinks you have. And you can also use to check your backlinks.

But truly speaking, No one is perfect in case of backlinks.

Use Google master tool for the checking the Black link you have.

i already saw that not all the time, i have the same number, when i check them!

you can try at Google search.Google will tell you all information about that site in the eyes of Google

ya u can also use backlinkwatch.con nd other tools

Install seoquake or seo4firefox on your Firefox, you would almost all you need for SEO purpose of course include the backlinks. :)

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you can search in google with below format


second is check in alexa there are one option site link click on that u will get list of backlinks sites.

Want to make backlinks...........

Follow these thing
Directory submission
Article posting
Link exchange
You got back links after cached

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there are no. of tools available. i mostly use backlink watch & just type query in yahoo
yahoo is best option for me. it shows nofollow links too.

You can use tool for checking your site backlinks.

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use google webmaster to find the backlinks at links to your website and there u can find date where and when bots find backlink to your site

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