What type of site will work best for SEO - Wordpress or a conventional well coded website? Or is there no difference?

well both are good it is up to you how you utilize it,

wordpress have a unique meta for each page, thats good for search engine optimization.

It depends on how we are using SEO in both. If we optimize the site well for search engine, then both are good. We need to consider some factors in Wordpress that is the plugins used in Wordpress. Some of the plugins may affect the performance of the site(loading time).

So is it worthwhile if a business has both?

Wordpress is very good for SEO. All blogs do get indexed quicker. Wordpress is a great way to build a website.

Wordpress is good for SEO purpose as every post created on wordpress have the 100% chance to get indexed in google in no time.. and that's the thing what we do in SEO. Otherwise it takes a long to get indexed other pages on google rather then wordpress .

Wordpress is simple an easy to understand, it is quite useful in terms of SEO offer various tools which are helpful in terms of website maintenance.

So,if as I understand it, Wordpress is best for SEO, is there any reason to have both a standard non-wordpress website and a Wordpress blog?

Wordpress is good cms and many seo friendly plugins available but proper optimization require for both site.

This may be a stupid question, but what makes Google notice a page in Wordpress - is it the category of the post or the tags, or both, or something else?

SEO is best in Wordpress because the structure of Wordpress is well defined and perfect. The dynamic pages are generate automatically.

wordpress is best because of its features

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