i want to increase the bounce rate in my site ?

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Don't you mean you want to decrease bounce rate? A high bounce rate is bad.

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who come into your site, look at one page, and then instantly leave without clicking around your site. In other words, they come and then bounce away.


I think everyone would like to decrease bounce rate on their sites. :)

You could do this via offering in need contents on the landing pages just like what you have put on the referral pages or ad links. Having a professional designing for your sites according to your niches would be helpful, too.

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A great site to check out to help decrease your bounce rate is a site called feng gui. You can take a snapshot of your homepage and it will show you how someones eyes will navigate your site. This helps to determine if you may be lacking in some areas in which you want your visitors to see like certain links to your other pages.

For Bounce rate follow following steps:

a>Test your site with a group of users. Ask them to enter your site from specific pages. Get feedback based on their experiences.

b>Expose next steps. Give visitors actions to take if they are interested in the current page. Add links to more information at the bottom of the copy or within content.

guys its mis entered its actually decrease

I think to decrease the bounce rate of the website you need to firstly do the AB testing of the site, check what exactly the reason why the people are getting away from the site check the content

I am always striving to improve the stickiness of my website by improving content and layout.

Can u tel me as how to do this i'l highly appreciate this

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