I like to use 1 database accessed by multiple websites. But I don't know if this considers duplicate content on search engines.

Example, I have a dating site with one main database. I create a few more dating sites that use the same database with the main one. These new sites share the same profiles and members of the main database. The only difference is the Header, Description, Keywords.

Is it good or bad?

Thanks very much!

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ya this is good to have one database accessed by multiple sites.

It is ok you just want to have the content to be different on some pages.

It is not good . It may cause duplicate content issue

i suggest using the meta tag author on the main site

In my opinion, using 1 database for multiple website is not applicable and it can cause duplicate content/data issue.

wow, is that even a question today? Google made a major shift in their duplicate content policy "bad content on one part of a domain can hurt all content on the domain" (paraphrase) basically, don't do it.

if you can find a way to publish the data differently (rewrite some words, etc..) it may not be a big deal.

There are also major usability issues. If i signed up on getyourdatetonight.com and suddenly had a dating profile on desperateanddating.com I would be LIVID, that is if i found out about it.

Try this instead:
1. offer expansion to the other dating sites
2. import the database info for those that opt-in to the copy
3. rewrite/display data a bit differently on new sites
4. allow new sites to run on their own DB
5. maintain running copy ability (when users join site X they get option to also be on site XY and site XYZ)

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