As its already know by all that good On Page optimization of website and quality of work gives you the best result. No need to do number of directories, bookmarking blog comments etc.

Do quality and limited work and get the best result.

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I was able to get sites on Google top 10, when all top 10 results were wrong.
in this case, getting to Google top 10, is "Fragile". other web sites with quality content can have a few more links, and squeeze us out of the top 10.

Great content - great
Great UI - great
a few good natural links will maintain the success.

yes for me quantity does'nt matter, what only matters is the quality of work you are doing for your website.for example backlinks are important but your backlinks should be placed on high authority sites with actual pagerank pages.

quality content and quality backlinks are the key for success

commented: more 1-line pith from a siglink spammer interested only in self-promotion. -4

With on page it boils down to good content and links, and the local area you want to be search in. for example...

Lets say you are an electrician and plumber in essex, you would have some search terms that are:

electrician plumber essex

essex is a pretty big area, so we could narrow this down to a few local areas:

electrician plumber colchester
plumbing chelmsford
electrician southend

These would then be added to the code side of your webpages, Title are a major factor, so is a local location page and custom sitemap.

There is a lot that can go into on page SEO, not only keywords, content, title etc but css, div tage, code remarks, image naming, optimising java, css and html/php code,

If you only want local searches for your company, then On page is the way to go, we have had great results for our clients over the years, if they keyword is very competetive, then opt for onpage and off page SEO.

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