hello everybody, i am doing SEO and SEM more then 1 year, which site i did SEO that's some sites keywords are very competitive, since till now i could not fetch them 1st of the main page, but main page within 10, how ever now i do not find any thing to complete my job, my keyword is "tutorials" , any body please suggest me ? how to get better traffic and stand no 1 in the 1st page of google, yahoo and bing only,,,,, thanking Yours.

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Getting more traffic and getting higher position for keywords both are different things. Keywords are those words entered by people as a query. So observe about most higher search. And for getting more traffic there are blogs , articles and many techniques in SEO and you can use social media also for that.

Through article submission you can get more traffic it is just one of the part in getting traffic


Is really the mobile site and apps consumer use in India?

In order to get traffic you should try promoting your site on social media site.

Through article submission you can get more traffic it is just one of the part in getting traffic

Not only article submission is enough. If we want to get more traffic then we should to do social media marketing and Forum posting. blog commenting. These ways are better for drive traffic.

Digg sends some good traffics.
But to get large amount of traffic, you need to put afford.

You can get large amount of traffic by sharing your website link in social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Article submission also helps in getting traffic.

It is not advisable to have a one word keyword. Even if you get traffic, you won't be able to get the much needed conversion. You can use some Long Tail Keyword. though the traffic would be less, the conversion rate would be much higher.

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