Google is the popular search engine. It gives relevant result than other search engines.

optimize it for google.. and it will be automatically comes in other serach engine..

and the reason why people use google is that it will give a targetted result than other serach engine its the most effective

According to me, google gives accurate result as per the keywords you search. Google is more reputed than any other search engines.

70% Traffic generating by google. Google is playing very important and main role. 80% people want get traffic from google. Only 20% people requesting for yahoo and bing.

Keywords ranking 1 getting very difficult on google and it is easy on yahoo and bing for SEO. Because google have traffics and visitors.

Google is best for SEO.

Google is more searched search engine. It have own search result.

Search Engine Optimization - Many search engines are available in on the web but most of the webmasters are using Google. And google is best seo site...

Google is friendly users in my point of view. It has achieved countless number of users, so that you can bring your site visibility very quick. It is more secure rather than other engines.

As webmasters and SEO experts we only work on Google for SEO as when you get a excellent ranking in google the other engines will follow.

Also we work on google as it has the market share of all searches globally, Below is the latest trends from ComCast on global usage of Search Engines:

>Google rose to 65.3 percent (up from 64.8 percent in August).
>Yahoo dropped to 15.5 percent (down from 16.3 percent).
>Bing remained at 14.7 percent.
>Ask remained at 3 percent.
>AOL is back up to 1.5 percent (up from 1.3 percent).

You can also use Yahoo, Bing for SEO...

I think 90% of people are using That's why all the SEO persons are using Google.
I think Google is the "God Of Interet"

yes google is the best its very user friendly and gives the relevant result for search. :)


Google is best result provider search engine....

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it is 80:20 rules, you spend 20% of your resource to archieve 80% benefit

It's so simple man; More then 70% users from google search engine.

Many search engines are available in on the web but most of the webmasters are using Google. I want to know that why webmasters are emphasizing on Google for doing SEO and why not other search engines? And, how they do SEO effectively only in Google and get the result?

Because Google has acquired the 65 to 70 present of the internet customers and Google is providing great search and for earning it is more reliable source

That is the most popular and very user friendly ..

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Google is the largest search engine with the most users, if you rule google you'll rule the others. The other search engines yahoo, bing are pretty easy to do seo for, only google poses problems.

we always use best options from those are available to us so Google is best one so we use it mostly of SEo and also others are also used

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Google provide the best for overall because it's crawling way really more attractive for any other search engine. All search engine quality mostly the Google have.

Because google is the best.

As it occupies 80% of total search engine market.

becouse most of the people use google and it is best than any other search engine................

Yes, in my country, 98% people are using Google for searching

It depends for which country you are... As in India people do use only google but yes in other countries other search engines are also popular...Google algorithm is different from other search engines so if any website rank on google it do rank automatically on other search engines as well..

Because google is the most popularly used search engine used by the internet users. About 75% to 80% of the website users use google

becouse google is the best search engiene mostly peoples use google not others search engiene that's why

Not only Google othere search engine are also in for SEO Google is mostly used so that why each person prefer this

Because most of the peoples are using Google for finding any webmasters promote their websites in Google mostly..

Google is one of most popular and famous search engine over the web world. More than 80 percent people prefer Google as their search engine. So, Google is best place to gain a web traffic and to to SEO.

Yes this so goog

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