Google is best search engine.That's why everyone go for Google.

Because Google is accurate and qulaity strict search engine. It is the father of all search engines.

Well I wouldn't call Google the FATHER of all search engines because it certainly wasn't one of the first. But, today, it is definitely the best.

Oh, and to answer the original question of why, as a webmaster, I only optimize for Google, it's because I only get traffic from Google. I've tried and tried to optimize for the other engines out there, and the traffic increase is super minimal. In fact, the traffic they send in the first place is super minimal.

Additionally, Google has Matt Cutts and an entire team devoted to interacting with the webmaster and SEO community, they have a good collection of webmaster tools, and they are very webmaster friendly. Unlike the other engines, they do give some guidance to webmasters as to what is expected of them (of course, not nearly as much as webmasters would like, but compare what Google does for us to what the other engines do!)

Because Google is the KING of all Search Engines that why People fellow Google rules in SEO.

Because Google is common for all people .No matter which country he/she belongs to.Everyone prefer google as 1st priority.

For the success and profit in online market Google is the only search engine which fulfill and provide most relevant and reliable resources in its search results.

Google is a very popular search engine. Everyone uses google, thats the main reason why webmasters target google.

I think around 75% of people use Google search engine tool, that is the reason we always perfer for Google to rank our site.

Its not only Google that you are doing SEO for. It is only Google that seems to be good at catching everything from your blog. I have to admit, it is easier to get indexed in Google than Bing or Yahoo.

because google is very pappuler web search engine everyone goes google for search there therefore only gooogle for seo

google is the best search engine that's why most of the people use this.

Google also offers ( for free ) seo tools.
People optimize for Google as it has up to 70% of the market. I would rather be second result form 70% of searches then no 1 from 30%.
Hope you got my point of view.

It is not onley Google used in SEO other are also used , but there is most widly used that is Google

Because Google is the most popular search engine and user friendly thats why google is best for Seo

First of all Google is the best search engine which having more regular users. It helps marketers to reach their audience via google. Most of the successful business used Google to get this position that inspires others too.

Because Google is the king of all search engines and he know all the tips and tricks of SEO marketing

Google is best search engine which holds the 70 percent of the internt users. So we have to work for maximum results on Google.

Bcoz, this is the **No 1 **search engine in the world.. Billions of users are using Google only...

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