I am a working for ukbettingcentral website. Full effort key word in first page but now the keyword down day by day . Tell me right answer.

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Expect that Google SERPs ranking fluctuate because there are so many factors making our site rank in SE's. It varies everyday so as SEO, we need to decode.


You just keep on doing, as it is fluctuating. Also, you should not forget that competitors are out there and even they are doing the same probably with the similar strategies or much better than what you are doing. Could you tell us what all you have done and how much so that I could tell you accordingly?

Keep link building. Always switch the type of links so they look natural.

If you want your keyword at top positions then first need is that you should observe about people's demand that what people enter higher for their query so as they enter query your , matching words related to query will be show in top with the site.

If you want your keyword in good ranking contact experienced SERP.

Keep Link Building. Backlinks are most important for increase ranking of any website. Get more backlinks as possible.

If you want to stable your keyword rank then first you have to make quality and unique meta tags of your sites then after make quality content with 2 to 3 % keyword density for you website pages and promote your site on high rank Forum, Press Release, Article and Blog sites. For this process you can stable you raking in google

analysis yours competitors site.SEO works for search engine often getting updated.so you have to work according to that.post quality content.promote your site in social networks.use dynamic xml sitemap.

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