How important is facebook for seo?
How to used facebook for seo?
Is a facebook fanpage important for seo?


I think writing descriptive text about your business and to link smartly on the About box and Info tab would be important for facebook SEO purpose.

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I think facebook can be used for social media marketing, which is different to seo.

Why you relating facebook and SEO. Facebook - a social networking site just can help you to gain some traffic. Fan page will help you a lot.

Facebook is related to SEM. Please, move the thread to another part of the forum.

Here’s some ways to capitalize on Facebook as a link building tool, and get people talking about your site

Links, In Moderation
People like free stuff
Keep up the posting
And When All Else Fails, Beg
Think about it this way

seo is different process and face book is a social networking site. face book generate traffic for website.

The improved businesses out there become conscious that Facebook can boost the value to their business. The Citigroup and Ernst & Young have many workforces that have registered accounts. It is all about qualified networks, invaluable to running a small business which can help produce relationships with clients and other industry professionals.

Facebook is the place where active users are if you promote your site with using will gain some good traffic...

The better businesses not in there turn into aware that Facebook can increase the cost to their business. The Citigroup and Ernst & Young contain a lot of workforces that have registered accounts.

Social networking sites are the best way to promote a website.

Yes i m agree with all, Facebook is SEO part and you can promote your sites on facebook and also get tarffic for you sites.

i can't access to facebook ,i cried for help for days,but i think facebook 's links are important to SEO

Facebook is great for a social media campaign to drive traffic, but it isn't going to give you the backlinks you need to increase your natural SEO rankings.

All the time seo try to increase traffic of a site and make new strategies for doing this in this way i think facebook helps for seo.

A fan page is a great way to brand yourself and create buzz but has no effect as an SEO stand point. A Twitter page carries more weight then a Facebook fan page.

SEO is best technique for generating more traffic to your website. Facebook is related to SEM. Facebook can be used for social media marketing.

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