I have a couple of questions.
1. I have a client who has purchased 4 domains. One has her company name but no keywords and the others have her keywords. She want to use the domain with her company name in her business stationary etc. I need to set up one domain as the main domain and the others as parked domains which forward to the main domain. Should she set up her company name domain as the main one because this is the one that will be linked to and which will be used by people who know of her business? Or should she use one of the keyword domains as her main domain?

2. Would Google have a problem with 4 domains pointing to the same website?

Thanks in advance to anyone helping with this

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You question is too long and complected also, if the domain is matching the company name then it should be the main domain no matter there is keyword or not..

i am not understand your question because is too long?

Okay, sorry, this is the short version...

1. Does Google allow 4 domains to point to the same website?

2. When choosing the main domain, should it be one with the company name or one with keywords?

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