I'm very new to this, and in my innocence I thought my site would be picked up by google soon as I uploaded it - this of course isn't the case as I later found out!

So I've been searching ways to boost traffic and as it's a business website (people have to pay money for us to develop websites for their small businesses), traffic is more important than anything!

So far what I've done:

Registered my website with adwords, webmasters.
Put meta tags with links, keywords and stuff, made a facebook account which has about 77 likes atm.
Facebook sponsoring ads (although its with a pretty low budget)
I've been thinking about what I can do next. And although I keep hearing this "link referral" thing I'm a bit confused as to exactly how it works. I.e does it mean just spamming your links on every webpage's comment section or w.e or is it when the owner of the site specifically inserts the link somewhere in the code :/ How does that work?

Plus any additional tips to get my business known will be helpful!

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For making business more known , keywords,traffic,information on site,title, tags all are very important. Choose keywords as per people search word according to their demand. Keep your title with familiar words which are in regular use. Provide best and meaningful information to your visitor and regular update it. And for boost more traffic you can use social media.

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