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I want to learn PPC where you start and tell me what is LBL is ?

PPC is pay-per-click advertising. It's when you buy advertising by paying for each individual click. Often times, PPC is associated with search engine advertising, such as Google AdWords.

LBL is local business listings. For this you can use Google Places for Business to get business found on local search.

If you search in google, you can find lot of sites which teaches you what is PPC and it's advantages. You can also find help about various strategies followed in PPC. Before you started to learn about PPC, you must learn about search engines and its guidelines.

PPC is also a part of internet marketing, so if you want to learn PPC then search in Internet, you can find several links about PPC, Internet is the best source to learn.

Like other said PPC is pay per click, and there is also a thing called PPV or pay for view. PPV is going to be cheaper to advertise with but you have to pay if someone even loads a page with your ad. Whereas PPC is going to usually have people that are more likely to be interested in your ad because they clicked on it. I am semi-new to this too because I have no reason to advertise so just correct me if I am wrong...

Make sure to do thorough keyword research using google's keyword tool. This will not only tell you what keywords are searched for the most, but it can also tell you what those keywords will cost you. I would shoot for cheap longtail keywords and set your budget accordingly. Split test ads. Testing is huge aspect of PPC.

You can get a lot of free info here:


It is a website by long time internet marketers
Allan Gardyne and it has some nice articles.

Also, probably the most valued advice you can get
from Perry Marshall, who is acclaimed to be "the
king of adwords". He provides a lot of info for free,
however to get His masterpies Definitive Guide to
Adwords, you need to buy it.

However, PPC is only one part of marketing. Without
having a good offer you are not going to make money.

Check this forum and also warrior forum to get you
started in the internet marketing.

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