From some of the sources i've read, including the very reputed Ad awate anti spyware, tribal fusion is supposed to be adware and quite dangerous too, it's under the 'blocked sites' list of ad aware...i was just wondering,becase it's used here in daniweb as well...wondering if dani knows about this side of Tribalfusion or if i'm just completely mistaken...

TribalFusion is a legit company, and a good company, I don't know why you'd be hearing that they're involved with adware and such.

Just search 'tribalfusion' on google, in the 1st ten results you get stuff about tribalfusion browser hijack and deleting its cookies and as i said before is in the blocked site in ad aware's blocked sites list and several other sites claim they've had 'spyware-filled' experiences with TF

I'll see what Dani thinks about this, hopefully she will make a comment here shortly.

TribalFusion is a very reputable ad network / site representation firm. Depending upon the category in their network a website who uses them is placed, you might get some of the uglier Punch-the-Monkey type of ads, but those can typically be filtered out IF the website owner chooses. is blocked by AdAware because it is an ad server and hence blocking it would prevent ads from loading. That doesn't make it evil. It makes it what it is :)

mmhmmm,but then wouldn't they be blocking adsense, adbrite and the other ppc companies as well?

I'm confused by your question. AdSense, AdBrite, etc. have nothing to do with Tribal Fusion. Your ad blocker would need to block,, etc. to cover everything.

oh well, anti spyware apps block only ads which are a potential threat to a users' system, and as described by most anti-spyware and discussed in anti-spyware related forums that tribalfusion leaves a 'nasty' tracking cookie on the users' system.

Anyway I still don't trust TF.

Tribal Fusion is different from AdSense, etc. in that TF allows the advertiser to supply the banners or creatives after they meet their approval process. With AdSense, they're just plain old text links.

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