For those who doesn't know onlywire, it is automated social media submiter. I am wondering if it is a good idea to submit all my blog posts with this tool to social media. In this way, more than 50 pages will be submited by the same username. Probably this could have a bad impact to SEO. Or is it ok?


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Hi Ernest1a,
You have raised a very new and nice topic to discuss.
I think, using Onlywire is good but I always support the manual submissions over the automated submissions. For me, it is somewhere fall under duplicate content issue so I didn't feel any strong requirement of using it.


I am not experienced with automatic social media submitters, but I know about onlywire. Anyway, I really don't think you can get penalized for bringing 50 links from social media sites. Those getting lots of RTs and shares on facebook all of a sudden don't get penalized, but actually rewarded by Google. :)

PS: it would be great if you used different account names, though. m2c.


Onlywire.com and pixelpipe.com both websites are not usefull for Pages submission.

If you create a video then you can get very good benefits from these two websites.I have experienced about both of them.

When you submit your video with different keywords and title, You can see all the video on google result after some hours.


yes it is true that automated submission site reduce lots of timing. but I prefer only manual. There is not any comparison of quality between manual over automated submissions.

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