What are SERPs?

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They are stands for Search Engine Result Pages. When we put any query in search engine the results of query showed on a query result page that is known as SERP.

serp stand for search engine result pannel...it is a procedure that shows your work at search engine....

Whenever you tried for searching any term then search engine displays a list of result. It is called as SERP i.e. Search Engine Result Page

SERP is stand "search engine rank page".When we put any query in search box Google instantly showed a best result to related query in search page this is called SERP.

A search engine results page(SERP),is the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query.

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Pages. Keyword ranking which is shown by Google is known as SERP.

SERP is Search Engine Result Pages. The result we get when we enter our search in Google is SERP.

This is Search engine ranking page or we can say Search Engine Results Pages, where you can rank your websiteand get organic traffic.

The page on which the search engines show the results for a search query that is known as SERP.

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