When people say traffic is very important for the success of a website, they refer to “genuine traffic” or “relevant visitors” on your website. There are a lot of paid ways to bring genuine visitors on your website, but a lot of small webmasters, are generally more interested in finding free and effective ways to bring genuine traffic on their website. The following are the 5 effective ways to bring free traffic on your websites:

1. Create an account of your website on various social media networks such as twitter, facebook and myspace. And make sure to update it regularly.

2. Promote your website on your blog, by writing articles about it. You can interact with a lot of users through this way.

3. Promote your website on different forums. It is one the best ways to bring instant traffic on your websites.

4. Bookmark all the articles related to your website in order to ensure, both free and instant traffic on your website.

5. Use of website showcase like traffup and CSS mania. Traffup is considered as the best tool to bring free and effective traffic on your websites. The best thing about traffup is the fact that it is much better than twiends and addsocials, when it comes to bringing effective and relevant visitors on your website, free of cost. Traffup acts more like a website showcase, than traffic exchange, to promote your website free of cost.

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yes all points are very true ..for traffic social networking ,bookmarking and article submission are really helpful

Share unique content on other site and social media sites are good for bring visitors to your site.

These are really good tips to increase the traffic.

I am totally agree with it... it can really increase the traffic to your website.

All the points are really important to increase website traffic. Thanks you for sharing such useful information.

This is one of the more useful posts on here. Thanks for the useful info. #4 is my favirote.

Right , SEO is on of the method to get targeted visitors to any site . SO try this also to drive traffic

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