hello all good evening,

i need a help, google adsense ban my web site <snip>
now which is better ppc program after adsens
please share with me i want to put adds on my site

thanks alot

Yahoo Search Marketing is an best option for you. May try.......


Yahoo search is ok you can go for chitika and bidvertiser and several more .

thanks alot. now i m using chitika lets see
and i will try also Yahoo Search Marketing

As google banned your site so I don't think when you apply for PPC they will except.

no one can the exact solution i think keep waiting

Adsense is too popular and can give you good money if you use Google Adsense, so you should know the reason why your site was banned from Google Adsense.

You need to find the reason why your site was banned by Adsense as you shouldn't leave Adsense as it is very profitable program and you may not find exact alternative to Adsense as well.

Anyway, you can use Chitika, Adbrite etc. as well.

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