Windows 7 browsers at home cannot browse any websites

Cannot access web sites with any browser (IE9 and Opera), but can ping web names and addresses in command window, have already run
netsh winsock reset - completed ok
netsh interface ip delete arpcache - completed ok
nslookup www.google.com - returns good details
other computer in same room, connected by wirelss works fine
Any ideas would be welcome.

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Possibility that you have some sort of malware preventing your browsers from working?


Hi guys,
Sandman4040, please check that you aren't infected as JorgeM suggests. But first of all, please try telnetting to port 80 of any machine on the web. It should show you if it connects successfully. Just open cmd and type in telnet somehost 80 e.g telnet www.google.com 80. If it connects successfully, then as JorgeM suggests, you might be infected. Otherwise, it might be a http proxy configuration. Just open netsh again and go to the http option, then type reset proxy. Please note that you need to have administrator privileges for this to be successful, so run cmd as the admin. Good luck.

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