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I have a task to optimize my website keywords but I am quit confused about keyword choosing that I dont understand that which type of keywords should I choose? When I made keywords research I saw that long keywords are in less competition but not so much used by user and I saw the short keywords they have louts of searching volume but too much competitions...In this position please suggest me what should I do??

I always optimize for both. Pick a handful of tough keyphrases and GO FOR IT! Then, simultaneously, cast a very very wide net for secondary keywords and keyword phrases.

There's much value in optimizing words this way because the lesser searched terms are extremely specific and ranking for them brings in highly qualified visitors. But that is an obvious SEO benefit. What most optimisers don't realize is that these obscure, rarely searched terms (that have little competition) enforce your primary keyword targets. They add intelligence to your web page's copy (textual content). The search engine understands the relationship between words, phrases, abbreviations, acronyms, verb tenses, synonyms etc. and will add value to your content as a result of being unique and well-crafted. Composing your sentences. Writing well indicates you feel your page is important enough to take the time to put it together correctly (rather than puking out a bunch of keyword nonsense).

Go for longtails mostly as they have less competition and pick only some less competitive short keywords. Try to get keywords having up to 3-4 tails, you'd find a lot of good longtail keywords with decent traffic.

Go for Long Tail Keywords they have less competiotion. they also help in getting your site on top if someone searching in phreses.

Example: pilot house fishing boats(long tail keyword) optimize it properly, then you might get good result on top for fishing boats, pilothouse fishing and for other combination.

Go for Long Tail Keywords.

Go for long tail keywords

It is true that, long tail keywords having less competition and short tail keywords having high search volume. I suggest you to use both because you are not able to generate business even if you rank top for keywords having less or no search volume.

i suggest you use both keywords for optimizing the site.

long tail keyword - if its more specific and local optimizing
short tail - more general but expect to have more competition as well.

In order to get more effective in all search engines use both keywords.

In my suggestion Long tail keywords is better than to short tail keywords for better ranking quickly..


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Need to analysis proper keywords by google adwords, high search volume and low competetions, where as you can choose long as possible for better ranking.

I think @canadafred suggestion is correct we can use some verb tense and longtail keywords and make our content reach so that search engine will love to crawl and index a page and give quallity rank..

Log tail is the best to get good possiton quickly in search engine as compared to the short keywords but boath takes attention and also need hard work

Target long tail and short tail keyword both. Long tail keywords get ranking easy to short tail keyword.

always try to select short and informative keyword... the keyword should be related to the content...

In order to rank fast then you must take long tail keywords and targeted them and choose some more short term keywords with good amount of search. Give primary preference to your short term keywords and secondary for long term kw. Long term keyword can rank faster in google SERP and also give a bit of support to rank earlier to short term keyword with good search amount.