If I have three dating sites, then should I use different IP for each site? Is it better or it does not matter when google crawl my sites in their engine?

I post the each link on the link section for each other to exchange.

Also, the IPs they gave me from the server are ONLY different from the last digit.

Is that considered different IP for each site?


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Exactly ! Its good from SEO point of view.If you will get backlinks from different IPs and traffic as well. Search engine give preference to your website.

yeah it is a good idea for improvement your site...

Differenrt IP is a good for seo. If your backlink generate from different IP backlinks, it is good.

If you use Different IPS you will get a more backlinks. it improve your site rank.

If you use Different IPS backlinks for your website .it's good for seo.

Different IPs are the best for SEO as many times it prevents your IP to be banned in some sites.

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