I have collect all of off page optimization task which are as follow If any one which is not in my following list or forget please kindly suggest me so I will add it in my off page task list..... Suggest Please!

List OF Off Page SEO task....
- Social Bokmarking
- Article Posting
- Prease realease
- Blog posting
- CSS subbmition
- Search Engine subbmition
- Image posting
- profile posting
- commenting
- Forum posting
- video posting
? ? ? ..... What Next...

thanks for sharing all the techniques, local listing - Google map, Classified ads posting is also useful, currently people are using link wheel instead of blog posting

PDF submission
Power point distribution
Feed directory submission
Blog directory submission

well you can also add few more off page activities

Document Sharing
PDF Submission
Micro Blogging

Successful link-building is not about making your list of off page seo tasks as long as possible.

You might well use just few, and see your web presence improved.

If you're a blogger, think guest blogging, social media and blog commenting.

If you're a software provider, and you update your software every other week, you'll have good results with press releases (especially paid ones that ensure massive targeted distribution).

If you have a micro website for adsense income, think article submissions and forum posting.

That said, off page strategy should be chosen on a case-basis only.

Working on these tasks already but one need get quality back links and relevancy matters a lot.

Thanks for your information. How to do profile posting and PDF Submission???
Please could you help me in this???
Surely your little input will be appreciated

Blogging related to website

List of some OffPage SEO :
Directory Submission
Social BookMarking Submission
Forum Posting
RSS Submission
Search Engine Submission
Article Submission
Profile Creation
SMO(SEarch Media Optimization)

Is it just me, or is everyone listing all the same things, but just in a different order??

On-page optimization are things you have direct control of because they are ON your actual page. Off-page submission are things you don't have direct control of because they are on other sites.

IMO, on-page optimization is the most important because if your site is well designed, well organized, follows all the best SEO techniques, and has good, useful content, all of the backlinks and social media talking about your site will naturally just follow.

Not just you Dani, welcome to an average SEO forum sig spamming thread...

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