Google places, what’s the buzz about? How important is it for a local business? Is it important only for a local company or all companies around the world? What do you think guys?

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No doubt about that, Google plays very wide role from local business to international business.

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Local listings play an important role in SEO. Everytime someone visits your local listing, Google earns you a point for the same. Local listings act as a life blood for your business.

Maps are important because it helps local searcher to find easily, secondly if you have delivery business or you serve in that specific area you can also add you business in local listing.

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If you have a physical business location better add it to google local. If someone searching within that location your listing may come within the top 10 local results. The local search results are show up in Web Search results if not configured specifically.

For example if someone is looking for some pizza shop in LA, all the local places listing come to the top then the regular Web search results. If you are there your listing will come with a map apart from the web search result of your site. If your site is not ranking in Web search results your local places results can send some visits.

it is so much essential as for your site and business as air for breathing

It hase same importace as Global but we have to take care about some techniques

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