Hello all, I've hit a wall in googling for the answers I seek so here I am. I'm new to SEO and I'm doing some research on the subject for my employer in the hopes that this is something I can learn and hopefully handle for the company. I was also sent a few questions to look into during my research.

Basically on what redirections practised will get a site blacklisted and what won't.

1. will a site be blacklisted if a redirection is done without being revealed
2. subdomains that are 301 based will they have the same effect in ranking as the native url
3. If I have a sale.mysite.com set up, redirecting to www.mysite.com/toys/catalogue1011/clearance, will this

a. Cause my site to be blacklisted

b. Give me a boost in my keywords (now I’m registering both “sale” and “clearance”

Any help you could give would be great, like I said I'm run out of search queries on these questions. (if anyone knows of a resource that addresses these you can also through that my way, thanks)

301 redirects don't get indexed, so they are useless in terms of SEO, and no, it will not blacklist your website, only slow it down.