I want to gain PPC skills but no one would hire me as an apprentice. What will I do?

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PPC is a paid services offers by Google, It is Google adsense based services, if you need more and more experience in PPC then first you create a Google adsense account for your website.

Google adsense account are of two types Pri paid and post paid and you can pay your amount online but first you pay 500 Rs for activation of your Google adsense account then you can enjoy your PPC services and gain more and more experiences.

if you need just the experience just login to the google adsense and google adwords .
you can proceed with the free account what ever you use for personal use until the payment mode is reached.

Hmm,I suggest you to take some tutorials about (PPC) you can take (PPC) tutorials from you tube or you can goggle it.After activate your absence account and try it.I am sure when you are trained many companies want to hire you.

Its pretty easy and simple. Find a free coupon usually around $50-$100 and learn with that. Then try and find someone willing to let you work on there account even if its as an intern.

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