Hi friend!
I know this qn shouldn't be asked here.but i cant find anyplace in this forum.So please help me.
Can i use the list of google and alexa rankings for my own website's use??
I want use that effectively so that i can successfully finish my project.
Please help me.
Thank you.

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A little hard to follow. Are you asking whether you can post your own Alexa and Pagerank numbers on your site? If so, the answer is yes. If you're looking to actually generate more complex data from their services, you'd need to look into what's available through their APIs.

Do you mean you want to scrape their content? Check out what's available through their APIs, as elbeato said.

dont know what exactly what you are asking, do you mean use the backlink list of other website extracted by google and alexa?

Acutally im asking the following:
i wanna use their ranking of everysite for my site's top 100 listing.
can i use that?
will it hurt me in any ways?
thank you.

Well, it would be considered duplicate content if you are just scraping Alexa.

Still not getting what you are trying to ask but i will suggest get quality backlinks to your site this will defenitely help your site and your site's ranking

I wanna use that for best results for my search engine.
So can i use those rankings for my site's benefit???
I think i said it as crystal clear.

So you want to copy another site's content for your own search engine? Why not create a Google custom search engine, and fine tune it for your needs?


it's really little bit hard to get your exactly that are you asking for Google and alexa rankings use within your web site? Please be specific with your thread then only might you have proper solution from here. Wish you good luck.

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