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SEO is necessary for every domain including .org extension.For any kind of domains get a search engine visibility from the website <link removed> which handles web analysis, reporting,submission and search engine optimization.When doing this the domain get good page ranking in the search engines.

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SEO takes your website to good page ranking in the search engines. also submits to more than 200 search engines


Matt Cutts has said that no type of domain gets any sort of automatic boost or penalty from Google, considering anyone can buy a .org domain. In fact, if anything, .edu or .gov domains would get an automatic boost because they’re highly regulated, but according to Matt Cutts no domain extension gets any sort of special treatment.

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9 out of 10 sites would be having a .com domain, but if you can if you can get a name that costs a million for the .com and only pay a few grand for the .org version and then add the remaining amount to marketing and it can come out on the top.

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