For those of you out there who purchase text links for SEO ... Which works better for you? Sitewides or homepage / section specific links?

For me, I've always had much better experience with sitewide links on relevant sites that generate a lot of traffic and have lots of pages indexed (a couple hundred thousand, minimum). In my niche, this isn't too hard to find, since most webmaster-related sites are fairly familiar with basic SEO techniques.

What's actually worked best for me is to buy (or get your link on, in some type of hat seo) just two or three really powerful sitewides. It's been my experience that's all I've ever needed to get well crawled and well indexed by Google.

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Google has changed the algorithm to only count a sitewide as "1 citation", or credit it as 1 link. An example is blogs. Look how many bloggers put a sitewide link on their blog. However, google counts it as 1. Yahoo and MSN are different. That's where the power of sitewides still work today. A feww good sitewides could easily boost you to the top rankings in those engines.

Do you have any proof in this? To this day, sitewides perform better for me in Google than a homepage-only link by far. I still think it has to do with the niche, vertical, type of site, and lots of other factors that influence how Google counts a backlink. :)

How do you know a sitewide in Google performs better for you than a homepage-only link?

Because when I buy text links, I do so one at a time, and wait a couple of months before purchasing a different one. So, in other words, I'll buy a homepage-only link, and notice just a small benefit. A couple of months later, I'll buy a sitewide, and notice a big improvement within a month or two. Then I'll wait a little bit longer, and cancel the homepage-only, and not notice a decrease in seo benefit over time. Ya like my systematic approach? :)

Yeah, I do.

That's why I can say with no problem exactly what works *for me*. :)

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