Hi all,
When we need PPC if we are doing the seo of the website.What PPC can give that SEOcan not give us.

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PPC is used for advertisement.. But with the help of SEO we can indexed our page with the help of many tools..

Hi all,
When we need PPC if we are doing the seo of the website.What PPC can give that SEOcan not give us.

PPC is the advertising method for getting more traffic to the site. As it include the images , banner and text based ad of the site. PPC provides the fast result for the site and that is why it is more used by people but for that one need to pay money as many times we used this techniques so it is costly.
And more people use SEO with the PPC as seo is the free way and provide the long term result but it takes sometime. And so for the new site, people use the PPC for getting the quick results.

Sometimes, PPC substantially improves conversion rate of a website that was unable to pull any organic traffic (and that too relatively fast!)

We get a LOT of traffic from Google's organic SERPS daily (over 300,000 visitors, actually), but we still use PPC to supplement that. In our case, the traffic that we get from organic is very different from what we get from PPC.

Our organic traffic is long-tail towards individual forum threads on the site. People come in from the serps, read the page, and then move on. It accounts for the majority of our page impressions, but people who are doing Google searches are currently in research-mode, and are not in the market to start joining a community.

We therefore rely on PPC to help sustain new blood into our community. We have found that people who come into our forum listing pages spend more time on the site and are more likely to register and post. However, because these are navigational pages and don't contain actual content, Google doesn't send any traffic to these pages. Therefore, we need to rely on PPC to send traffic to the pages that convert the highest for us.

First you need to do SEM to atract traffic, then do SEO for long term

In season such as new year, I am sure you want to run some SEM

PPC is not that much useful as SEO

To stay in search engien and enhanced the SEO method also try to increase business , we adopt the PPC method to get in organic traffic

PPC can deliver quality traffic immediately after placing an ad in Google Adword. You can can get instant popularity of your product with PPC.

ppc is good way of addvertizing for website.

Basically PPC is to getting instant results TO BOOST TRAFFIC AND SEO is for getting organic traffic to your website........but seo is for lifetime...(this means lifetime you have to work and lifetime you get results........)

SEO provide you organic results whether PPC need budget that you want to spend for promoting your sites, Both can provide relevant output, so you can use both for promoting.

ppc is a very intersting way of advertising and marketing.

ppc is very costly when it does not work for you.it need more money

Pay Per Click Yields a High Return on Investment
Pay Per Click Gives You Instant Targeted Traffic
Pay Per Click Helps You Find Problems With Your Offering, Promos, or Website
Pay Per Click Brands Your Company While Selling Its Offerings

if you are on initial stage of seo.....ppc is best to promote your site because organic results take time i.e SEO

You can’t always sell directly online but, generating leads or emails for email marketing with PPC is a powerful component of any successful online marketing effort. And you can measure the value of those leads and email lists, you can measure customer lifetime value from those leads and thus you can track their ROI.Web tools

If you have much budget to expense for promotion, PPC is a better way to get more traffic to your website and queries.

PPC is very costly internet marketing and advertising strategies, please decide your budget for investment for ppc

I didn't get when the need of PPC more ? What is right way to applied the PPC ? Any tutorials help me

PPC is costly internet marketing technique and also more effective technique than all others ways of advertising.We need it when we want to increase the ranking of the webpage rapidly.


It depends on you when to start for PPC, because if you are having good traffic from posts only, then you don't need to pay for PPC.

If you instantly need good amount of traffic for your site , than you will do the PPC campagin.

Is it possible that if I have a large budget so I can have more PPC compared to low Budget????

We run pay-per-click campaigns that focus on instant results.

PPC is an paid advertisement marketing, who well know about ppc and after the seo they proceed to do ppc for their services or busnesses.

If your website is fresh and wants to instant traffic, visit and business then only need to do PPC. Pay Per Click is one the best internet marketing source where you can get more targeted traffic by implementing the best techniques. But if you wants to gain organic and long term traffic, visit then must implement SEO.

PPC is needed when we want to put ads on other websites

PPC is used for advertisment through which you can gain popularity...

Work or purpose of both ppc and seo are same.

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