Hi guys,

I'm searching for PPC adv with final cost per registration on my website = 1$.
My target is US (mostly California), students/young professionals (it might be career, employment or any category
related to job searching).
I tried Google, but one registration costed me 20 $.

So I'm wondering if you know any related to my needs sites for PPC marketing?

Best regards,

There are many Google adsense alternatives like chitika, adbrites, clicksor, etc.

select the keywords give you goor traffic , you can get good return use keyword fliping technique

Dig a lot on keywords, try to get long tailed keywords and exact match which gives you low CPC and Low CPA, Also you can try for other adnetworks which offers the same at low price than google

I think I am in the same shoes with you. I have a questionnaire designed for my academic work and my targeted audience are online shoppers and buyers.
How do I post this questionnaire for such group to answer?(systematicgh@yahoo.co.uk)

Set your bidding low on adwords near about 1$ and and you will get traffic from search engines powered by google....

Rightly said get traffic from search engines powered by google.....

Google providing lot of free tools for adwords , adsense , etc.you have to start good ppc practice as well as seo.