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From PPC you can get more traffic than SEO. But PPC is coastly than SEO. Because in PPC we have to pay for each click to google. And in SEO we need not to pay to google.

You will get more traffic ofcorce from SEO. From PPC you will get more qualified visitors. But also it depends on how much money you are going to spend on increasing traffic. It will be great to to use PPC and SEO. If I would have limited budget I would deffinately start with SEO.

ppc is for short-term whilst seo is a longterm marketing. so you need both. once you have achieved high seo ranking there will be no need for ppc

PPC and SEO both are important to get traffic. SEO is free and for PPC is paid. So first you can start with SEO to increase traffic and then go for PPC.

SEO is needed for every website and it should be done everytimes not just a few times. IT is along term continous goal which never stops. TO continously getting traffics and increase Page rank and alexa rank it's required.

PPC or the pay per click is mainly the advertisement purpose. It can be done in begining to gain more traffic and then slowly can be left our if your SERP is good.It can be use for increment in SERP (i mean improvement).

SEO should be done by all website while PPC is maninly for selling products or services.

PPC and SEO both are important to get traffic.ppc is for short-term whilst seo is a longterm marketing.You will get more traffic from SEO. From PPC you will get more qualified visitors.

Obviously PPC is for short term and you can decide on the course of campaign. But with SEO you will always depend on the search engine's algorithms.

you can get more traffic by PPC its fast but if you credits end the trAffic will also zero to your site but in seo you can get more and stedly traffic and it will never ends.

If you want traffic then go for SEO, but it takes time(few months), but if you want sales then PPC is best option. Although PPC is helpful to get limited number of visitors but it is paid marketing and more cost is incureed in it with respect to SEO.

PPC is help to get the traffic for websites. But Seo is getting the organic keyword ranking with traffic for websites.

If you are trying to get instant leads then you must go with PPC, it's effect to generate quick leads but

If you should consider SEO if looking for a long term goal. Hope you understand the aspects of both.

Using PPC you can get traffic in short time. But if you use SEO it will take time. But for PPC we have to pay to google. So I think SEO is best to get traffic.

PPC is good way to increase traffic for a website.but it is costly. You can get more traffic by SEO work but it take some time.

I think SEO is better to get traffic. From SEO we can get traffic which search for that product or services.

I don't think ppc is that much effective as it last for a short tenure. Secondly, it costs a lot as compared to SEO. SEO is required for a sustainable business.

SEO is better to get traffic because from SEO we get relevant traffic. In PPC anyone can click on your ads. Thus from PPC we can't get always relevant traffic.

Both are equally important. But for instant, fast results PPC can be used but with higher budget. With low budget, more time SEO results can be used.

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