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According to Wikipedia

An important part of Google's algorithm is duplicate content. If multiple pages on the web have the same content, only the one that Google believes is the original/authority remains. This is a technique to fool Google into thinking that the wrong one is the original, therefore deindexing the real deal.


Page hijacking is creating a copy of a popular website that shows contents that is similar to the original. This technique can be used by the spammers to achieve higher rankings for some of the keywords.


there are things you can do to try to prevent this from happening. One thing you can do is encrypt your code.


What do you mean by encrypt the code, can you tell me in detail thanks in advance getmused.


Its a type of stealing the content from the internet by copying those content to the regular site is called web page hijacking.


The activity of stealing content from a Web site and copying it into another Web site in order with some of the original sites traffic to the copied Web pages.Then copied site will appear in the search result rankings along with the original site.

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oh the irony in that your response was almost word for word copied from other websites and pasted here...
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