Hello Friends i need help about profile back links is there any one whom can give me example how i can create profile backlinks and on what kind of website i can post profile links using my keywords?

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You can get profile links on facebook, myspace, linkedin.

not that profile links using my site keywords on communities sites

Well, creating your own profile backlinks would take a lot of time, you may want to consider hiring an seo company to do that for you. It's as simple as googling profile backlinks. If you do it yourself it will take a long time, but its possible just find sites that allow you to set up a profile with the keyword you want.

you can use social networking site to get a profile back link and then ping that link to improved page rank.

thanks for your suggestion but i want to create profile links by my self any one give example for it? like example of 100 to 200 profile links


Thanks for your help mate

join social networks and share you links with all just it

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