Recently google launch a new panda update (3.9.1) which is rolled out on Aug 20th. As per the saying of google twitter only 1% of queries noticeably affected and it is just a minor update.

Is this beneficial for SEO process or not? or Is this update is helpful for the user?

Share your views and reviews about this update.

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Google panda update is about low quality links. Low quality links are considered to be spammed after this update.

I have heard a lot about the low quality liks what do you mean by low quality links , can you tell me in detail .

In which terms google is considering the links as low quality links please elaborate it.I have read the post attched with your post regarding google panda updated as it is concerned with spammed but can you put more light on low quality links ?


A low quality link is any link artificially created in an attempt to boost a web page's ranking or PageRank.

Thanks for sharing, This is very useful information.

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