i am new user.i am going to make a helpful web site for earning money online.
now is there anyone going to tell me that how i can make adsense account on my site?
i am trying several times before.but it is rejected.
is there any process to ad adsense account?

It's easy. You require to be a human being with a bank account and a web site.

Definitely you must be rich..Google is now after money..so if you are ready to burn your purse..definitely you will be compromised :). Have fun!!

If you have a good website with quality content and the contents are updated on a regular basis, you can get your adsense activated and you can get some residual income.

Adsense is good but it has very strict conditions that are not suitable for every site. If you keep getting rejected you should consider other options. There are quite a few ad platform alternatives to adsense that work very well.

you need a paypal account and website or blog you can do it so easily

There are many ways to earn money online, you can work as a freelancer and you can earn good money, there is no doubt of this really.

commented: and that has, what, exactly to do with the question? -3

First you have to register with them. If they reject you then you can't place the code to your site.
If they approve you then you simply copy/paste a code to your site.

If you want to earn money online then Adsense is best way, because by using this you can earn more money

Adsense is good option to earn money online. Find on google you will find how to add adsense to site.

Thank you friend, i am agree with you. in term of Adsense you need many sites, each site must have keywords be on the top page, and numbers of people visiting are very important. if you are alone among of money you make is very little, right? the things you guys have ideal and expertise on this aspects, all you need break down work structures for every single member of your team and training, supervising the plan you had set out, owh have beer and see money going to your account in very days, life's beautiful rights? good luck

ppc is a fake online business.

You need at least 6months new :) domain...older, better. If you can afford your self to purchase google sniper, then you will learn few very important things. You must have website with at least 5,6 pages. Every< poage must have few really unique and at least 1100 long content. You must have ads free on your site. Not even affil banners, links, other ads...Pure, long, unique and worth reading articles on yopur site. Closely to your domain name or niche you present.
You must have (not much) but few really good backlinks(don't search to get pr-0,pr-1 or even pr-2) backlinks. Search to get at least pr-3 and up. Try to get edu or gov maybe wiki backlink. You don't need huge number of this backlinks. Enough is one or two. Your website must work properly. You must create privacy in few ways(depends) what 4 your site will talk about. And you need some traffic:). If you have all this, you will get aplication apporoved real fast. I'am sure. But other way, you don't need adsense to make decent money online:). Today with adsense is difficult to make some decent money and defenitely is not fast way:).

Get registered, get code and place it on your site.

Please explain more to earn money with the adsence , I am new user , would you please explain step to step .

whats going on here. every body give fake answer even they dont know about it.
k.if you have good site and good traffic they never rejected you. ok do it following way i must say they approve your account because i try so many times and i help so many user to make adsense account so just first buy good doamin.
after that if you are using wp they add following page
1. privacy policy
2. about us( write some great and unique line)
3. contact us(describe why people contact you)
4. terms and condition.
5. desclaiemer.

after that write unique 30+ post please dont copy .
right there i approve account 1 week ago. so try this.this the way if you have still problem please free to message me.

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