Please do share your experiences regarding the inner page & home page SEO.

From an SEO perspective, IMHO it's much better to have "deep links", which are backlinks to inner pages, as opposed to links to your homepage or other landing pages.

Google likes to send people doing searches directly to an end-page that has the exact content they're looking for. They don't want to send people to navigational pages where the user then has to click around to find what they're looking for. Deep pages tend to be the ones with the actual quality content, while homepages tend to be just "cover sheets" and navigational tools for those pages.

Therefore, because Google finds inner pages are typically more relevant for the searcher, it makes sense that those are the pages you want to push the most number of backlinks to, because a tiny bit of PageRank is lost with each hop from page to page through your site that Googlebot does.

I agree with Dani, very well described. You should more of deep links building to gain higher page rank.

@Dani this for regular SEO From an SEO perspective, but if you going for brand optimization that home page would be your prefer landing page.

Audrey, this question was posted in the SEO forum which is why I addressed it strictly from an SEO perspective.

There's lots that can be done for branding ... Not just links to the homepage, but even just mentions of the company name, logo, a distinctive color scheme, etc. throughout the web all contributes to overall brand recognition.

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