I have heard about this topic in SEO, want to know about it.

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I think that it's like a link wheel only for articles. Where there are multiple articles in the prism and they each provide a one-way back link to another one.

I've read some articles about this techique and it's quite similar to the link wheel method. It added social bookmarks sites to the process.

Article prism is the method of promoting your article site on the social book marking and the social media sites , it is similar to the link wheeling method.

i havn't heard this term... but i think it parts of link wheel stratigy

article prism is a like a prism where there are several articles linking back to each other..!!
in order the visitor again n again open the articles on the site increasing the bouncing rate..!!

Article Prism is treated as the prism of articles which are linked to each other.

This is method use for articles site including with social media and social bookmarking site .using this method we can see thew process of backlink is express

Article prism stands as one of the creative new techniques to support you in getting amazing results in a short period of time. Well, Article prism is used to advertise link building services through creating strong linkages between article sites, social bookmarking and customer websites.

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