What is the technique to write good content for our websites? Please give details.

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hey frnd..
their is no such technique for writing good content..
all you have to do is make your content unique and not use copy pasted content on ur website.while posting a article search it on 2-3 sites and after getting a viewpoint start writing your own article,also use 3- keywords in the post n choose them from google adword keyword tool.Insert these keywords in meta tag and meta descriptions
hope it helps you..

No any sepical technique for writing content. Some following methods for writing content.

. Content should be easy and simple to read
. Content should be fresh and innovative quality
. Content is looking like guide on prticular topic
. Don't write promotional content
. Keywords density should be 2 to 4 % is good.

Don't put to much links on your article cause they can be very annoying for visitors who will read it.

I completely agree with (careyengland) comment.

Content is the main for the site visiblity. The content should be simple and understood for others also.

For content writing , there should be a technique with licture touch , that also help in technical writing

Read this article.

The thing is you have to research first if you are going to write content and your content writing should be in proper grammar and spelling understandable to all.

Oh the irony of this...

your content writing should be in proper grammar and spelling understandable to all

Firstly you have to research on content from good article sites.
Make sure that your article is free from gramatical errors,it should be informative and user friendly,should be unique.Do not forget to proof read your content...:)

Hey friends thanks for sharing !

If you are writing content then you have to maintain proper keyword density it would be helpful in SEO, and you also have to think from the user point of views.

While writing content make sure that dont copy, make it unique.try to write efective things in normal length.It must cntain keywords in proper density.It should be meaningful and easy to understand.

I think High Quality Content means complete information about the particular topic. Targeting high traffic keywords, not to be duplicate posts, more than 500 words, supreme information about the particular subject, which is not available on anywhere.

After latest updates, Google prefers lots of unique and quality content.

If you want to write a good contet for your site than you should have to make the analysis before writint the best content, whta your target user want to have, and you should have to make the efforts to make the user interested content.

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content writing is basically nt a technique, u juss need to be unique and focused, the content should be ezy to user

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Content writer have an different skills of internet marketing terminology...when we write the business related articles...It's must before the good communication skills...

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I always say one thing, writing contents is an art, that can be learned. I would say there are techiques to be used while writing contents:

  1. Put yourself on a reader place, what if there is a complex content whoses understanding is diffcult, someone narrates you in a granny style. So use the same techique. Tell a story. People love to read stories and comprehend quickly.
  2. To keep the interest of your readers in your content, try to insert a joke.
  3. The best technique is to create a problem solving content, it just not provide your readers with the necessary information but also guide them to solve their issues.
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