We generated approx 50-100 quick profile links. Our keywords were dominating google, yahoo and Bing. But now all of sudden there is lot of fluctuation in ranking. I dont know why this is happening to our site?

People say it is natural way of getting the links. Lets assume our site got penalized by Penguin updates but what affected our ranking on Yahoo and Bing.

To give a breif idea here is an example:
1) For "wordpress customization" keyword our site was not ranking in top 200 postion. All of a sudden with profile link building and other other link building strategies like direcotry submission, articles and forum posting, our site ranked 1 from not found in top 200 position on yahoo and bing simultaneously. For a week or so we dominated this postion and on GOOGLE we ranked on top 5 postion from top 25 position.

We are always focused on getting links from unique ips. Can anyone explain me how if can control the fluctuation of ranking?? And what this update is all about? Why our site is penalized like anything.

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That's the problem with relying externally to empower your content because a link's value in relation to your content is constantly assessed and factored in every search. Link building ploys will never compare to the long term value of empowering your site internally using on-site optimization techniques.

@canadafred: I completely agree with you but there are certain limitation for on-page optmization. After you complete that then you are just left with off page optimization to rank your keywords.

Nice job, mate. Just keep up the work you have done until now and use other resources of SEO and SMO.

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