I managed to make an automatic system that places any link you want in the first page of Google almost instantly and takes from there to the first position in a couple of days ( depending on the search results you on ).
Nothing special just a SEO tool that really works.

These way I managed to place more then 800 affiliate link on first page of Google. Now the sale are coming ... but not at the rate I would expect.
Here we reached the subject of the topic:
How is your business doing?
Cause if you can't make it being first on Google ... I think I need to learn new things.

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I'm not really certain what the link jibberishing has anything to do with the real search engine optimization that requires no outside link manipulation mumbo jumbo abracadabra. goodby :) and the subsequent keyword targeting advice I think was meant to introduce the linker to the concept of seeking a larger volume of targeted SEARCHERS by using words they actually search rather than some zero search frequency obscure set of uncompetitve, unsearched for terms.

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