Meta tags are important because they provide valuable information to browsers

Umm .... huh?? Meta description tags are sometimes used as description snippets in Google search results, so you want them to be human-friendly, but other than that, meta keywords tags are pretty obsolete nowadays.

There are other meta tags out there that serve various functions though, like meta name="robots", etc.

Yes meta tags are still very important . bacuse title tags and meta descrition are showing in search result. If meta decription not found on a web page then google show descrption from directory which is relevant to a web page.

yes meta tags are still very effective . becuase in search result meta title and meta description showing.

Meta Description is the first thing user reads and get to know about your website. Hence it plays an important role.

Meta Tag is Mainly Part of On Page Optimization.

The search engines cannot know what a website is about if there is no meta tags for it. So how could such sits be ranked good.

When Search engine index our website they read meta teg first and it halps in finding website in SERP.


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Meta Tag is Mainly Part of Search Engine Optimization.

Meta Tags are very important part of SEO. They plays important role in ranking a site in Search Engines. It helps search engine to identify your content. Meta Description provides a short description about the page with the keywords in it. And Meta Keywords are the list of most important words on your page.

There is no doubt meta tags are still important.These tags paly vital role for keyword ranking.

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