What are the points will be consider, while doing "Keyword Analysis"..

Please suggest me..


As i think we need to tack care so many poits at the time of keyword analysis. As there are different different way for analysis it depends on our requirement. We have following type of keywords
1. Primary Keywords
2. Secondery Keywords
3. Seaseonal Keywords
4. Brand Keyword etc

So for each we need to tack care about our theme is this related to brand or primary keywords.

For this you can remember some points like..

  • Choose best keywords of your business, which is having high searches..
  • Target First Low competition keywords rather than the high competiton keywords for your traffic increment..
  • Choose Long tail keyword rather than the One-tier keyword.
  • Choose your targted region while doing the keyword analysis..

Keyword Competition
Google Instant Suggestions
Google Related Searches
Google Insights

Google Adword Tool is The Best Tool for Keyword Research.

My personal experience is say that your keywords should be relevant of your services.

You should use long tail keyword which describe more to your business or services, don't look toward the high traffic keyword that or small keywords.

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