What are the main benefits of yahoo answer?

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it you are able to give links , then it may consider as backlinks

You can learn things from peoples answers, you can get a different perspective on different people and their views, likes and dislikes.Learn things yes you can people like newer musical groups, etc.

Yahoo answers gives strong back link as well as diverts relevant traffic to your website, so always reply on your relevant questions.

Benefits of yahoo answers are.
You can get help by asking any question there about any topic.
You can find answers that are already posted by members.
You can get backlinks as well.
You can get information about any topic there.

You'll get direct traffic from yahoo answers and also get backlinks from that.

Hi All !!!
You can study points coming from peoples responses, you may get an alternative point of view about differing people and the opinions, likes and dislikes. Askjeeve responses gives robust back link along with diverts pertinent targeted traffic to your website, thus always reply on the pertinent questions.

Yahoo answering is the best source of sharing of knowledge with others, You can also submitting a link of any website and getting back links for this website.

Yahoo answering is good place for earning links and getting the answers of your questions.You can also drive traffic by answering the questions relevant to your niche.

you can build your brand there and you can promote your products after gaining the trust of members there.

Yahoo! Answers can help you target a specific audience, but is not popular than other tools of increasing traffic like search engine optimization. When someone visits Yahoo Answer, they aim to find information and advice on a certain topic. If your answer has a link to your website, they will click your link to get more information. It means that using Yahoo Answer Marketing can help you attract many visitors to your site.Also we discuss our problem and find some good ans also we also promote our website.

you can get backlinks as well as traffic from yahoo.

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