Hi friends, please tell us SEO benefits of Pinterest and how it is helpful to us.

Pinterest content is being crawled and indexed by Google, therefore it will impact your SEO rankings.
Pinterest is unique because it is the only social networking site focused solely on sharing images.Pinterest allows you to achieve instant traffic from real people, and these are users that have a genuine interest in your offering.

crescendo is right.Pinterest help your site seo ranking.

Pinterest is a good social networking site through you can promote website images.

put a "pinterest" button on your website then as much sharings google will identified of your specific page on pinsterest will help in your site's seo.
according to latest google updates the search engines now also consider how users share your content on different social media so as much sharing you got on pinterest, google plus, facebook, twitter etc will improve your site's seo.

Pinterst is the best platform for sharing the intersting pictures.when you pin your website on any picture then you will also get the traffic from that.

Pinterest can also show the price tags on the pins of the products you sell from your online or offline stores. It gives huge traffic to the blogs and small websites which have good content with excellent image selection.

Pinterest helps to get your images cralwed and it also helps to get your websites linked to websites.
Pinterest also helps you to get more targeted traffic of your followers.

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One of the best benefit of Pinterst is to get direct and genuine visitors, but the limitation is you can share pictures only.

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