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Google + is Google's version of Facebook. It is something similar to Facebook where you can share your links, comments, status, Photos, Videos and anything that you want. Google has also included the Page creation option in it like you create in Facebook for your business. The main thing in google + is the Circle. For each post that you want to share, you can set the permission based on the circle or the Public by default. If you shared something with a specific Circle none other than the specified circle will be able to see the post you shared and set the permission. If you have not mentioned the default is Public.


Recently, i notice a new google site google +1. What is it?

G+ is the huge social network promoted by google. As it has many advanced features which one can use for different interesting purposes. And it has one speciality which other networks do not have and that is , it can affect your site results positively or negatively. And now g+ has the big business platform for the businesses to promote and for the marketing of their brand and business.


Google Plus is firstly based on your Google Profile, so you need a Google Profile to access and use Google Plus.What is certain at the moment is Google's position as the main search engine in the world should be reflected in the business applications of Google Plus.


This is new social site from Google with new features it also play vital role in socil media optimization


It is similar to Facebook.To make a friends circle and sharing information among with your friends.

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no, really? wow!

Google + is one social networking services which is provided by Google. I have member of this social networking site, its very nice.

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