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I am quite interested in SEO and i want you all to share your ideas about the real benefits from SEO activites in internet marketing world.

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tarffic, traffic, traffic and steady growth !!

Increse your website rank in search engine.

By SEO you can increase your online reputation and your products will be recognized easily in online.

Hope i help you. All the best.


Kimberly10489....thanks for sharing your ideas.

i also know that for each and everything in internet marketing world one should have to concentrate on the traffic.but what are the different ways to create traffic in a very good manner

if one should have appropriate information or methodolgy that how to create traffic then one can get it that how to drive traffic

By doing SEO we can rank our website in search engine result page, get traffic, increase online visiblity.

SEO benefits is be on the top of search engines, traffic and Sales..

well benefits of seo good question
seo helps to ranked up page in search engine result
it helps for creating brand name of your company
also helps for promotion of your web site product on internet.

In your signature you provide a link. Your website is related to only SEO Services. But you donno about the SEO Techniques. How sad it is?????????

Benefits of SEO are
1) It provide traffic for website
2) It increase online visibility
3) It create brand name
4) It increase sale.

benefits from seo activities are it helps for creating brnad name, for promotion of product, for getting listed in page rank, it helps for increasing website visibility and for increasing more traffic to website.

I think seo Benefit Great Traffic and Grow website

SEO is for increasing the ranking visiblity of your website in search engines and also for genreating backlinks.

_ build baclinks
_ increase page rank
_increase popularity of your site

SEO activites are generally usefull in link building in online marketing and promotion of your product and services on internet.

You can do smo on facebook and twitter for diverting traffic for your website.Use quality in your post related to your business information.

Search engine optimization increases the visibility of your webpage and prioritize your webpage in search engines...this drives more traffic,convertions,etc...its the best way to promote your business online

mainly seo activities is for promotion of brand or to drive traffic on the website,to build up the business with the promotion of brand and to get the backlinks

SEO is only used to create good and unque website,
Increased Traffic
Cost effectiveness
Increased site usability
Brand Awareness

you can use all the traffic exchange techniques.............

Benefits from seo to tune up your website and make it more visible to search engines.Without optimisation your website performance will never match your expectations.Main benefit of seo is to grow website and online bisiness.

Increase traffic and ranking for your website.

Our business in visible on Google 1 st page for the suitable keywords, which ultimately helps to generate sales for our business.

yes seo always give the best result in which we can get the rankings

Best oofpage SEO activity that helps in getting maximum benefits:
Article submission
Blog commenting
Social bookmarking
Content bookmarking
PPT submission
Forum Posting

I'm repeating what everyone else before me said, but it all comes downt to visibility online from search engines. If you're more easily visible when people search keywords that your site matches, more people will have the opportunity to visit your site.

Good luck!

Thanks woodroseint, Its really helpful and well explained.

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