Hello, My name is Manzar and i am in love with Dani web and the selfless people who are a part of this great community.

actually i am about to start my very own media website that will cover alternative news in the areas of politics and healthcare (News stories will be skewed towards "conspiracy theories" ya know). Actually what my strategy is, i will take the content from other well known websites and rephrase it (i will try to use as much synonyms as i can and will try to change the entire structure of sentence as well as the paragraphs, if possible). i have an academic software (Turnitin) that will tell me the plagiarism percentage on my article relative to the original article. i will allow 20% plagiarism (or duplication in SEO terminology) to my writers.

kindly let me know if this is going to be a successful strategy in terms of giving googlebot an idea that content on my website is original, or do i need to "do more"? any suggestions?

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You'll likely end up with a pile of jibberish. If you take the time to edit the nonsensial sentences (in an effort to make some sense of it) then likely the search engine will consider the revised paragraphs as unique content.

thanks for your answer fred. i think i can paraphrase well without compromising on the quality of the content. but still, can you please elaborate on what you have advised me brother? thanks

on other SEO forums, i have read discussions where people have advised "paraphrasers" not to go for it as its useless in the post panda world. however, i have to go for it anyway in order to elude the copyright issues lol and other legal things you know. but i personally think, though google has patented several softwares which runs in the backend that can easily find out if the article is paraphrased, some websites have got lucky and google rank them as if they are the authority on the subject when they are just a bunch of rephrasers. i am hoping for the best though

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