helo friends i have a new site i wana to set their ONPAGE for SEO working
can u help me which are changes i have to do in for make SEO friendly site and how?


To make it more SEO friendly you need to put unique and informative title and description meta tag and also use unique content.

This is all which is crawled by every search engine.

Where is your website.

Content is the King of the Google search so try to make a effetive content, which readers are looking.Also make good pics and videos relevant to your site and content to make more easier to the reader to undrestand and enjoying the stay on site.

By the use of google adwords you should choose the high density and traffic keywords and change in your on page a good description you should to implement and meta tag ,meta description you have to implement

Some On Page Tips:

  1. Fresh Content
  2. Create New Title, Description, Keyword
  3. Choose High Searches Keyword
  4. H1 to H6 tags

If your site is in WP then you need and seo plug in which healps you alot and if you also have blogs and content you need to remeber to make your content is the king so make a uniqe content and beter quality. need to do some research work for your keywords.

****Always start with keyword selection, research and testing**
Meta Description tag
ALT tags
H1 tags
URL structure
Internal linking strategy
Keyword density
Site maps, both XML and user facing
Usability and accessibility
Track target keywords
Expect results in 6-12 months**

Avoid common on-page SEO mistakes such as:

**Duplicate content
URL variants of the same pages
Off-site images and content on-site
Duplicate title tags**

Avoid spammy SEO tactics such as:

***Hidden text
Hidden links
Keyword repetition
Doorway pages
Mirror pages

you can refer to a number of the following
1 - Meta Keyword <title> your here </ title>
2.-Meta <meta name="description" content="Your description page">
3. Search Engine Optimization heading <h1> ... <h6> on each page
4. url friendly thietkewebtopx.com/dich-vu-seo easy to than thietkewebtopx.com/?id=123&article=233 you can use. htaccess
5. create robots.txt file orientation indexed by google bots.
6. Create sitemap.xml for web.
7. Each image attribute alt = "your keyword".

There are the following which are changed in the on page work of seo
1)keywords;that will target
2)description;sholud not duplicate and should fresh and includede keyword
4)robotixt.xml;for the search enginges
after it u shoul work on off page SEO

the following terms are changed to make good friendly site for seo
Always start with keyword selection, research and testing
Meta Description tag
ALT tags
H1 tags
URL structure
Internal linking strategy
Keyword density
Site maps, both XML and user facing
Track target keywords

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