If we get more and more back-link on the site and make use duplicate content then it will count as spamming and Google will keep it in the sandbox due to which the ranking of our site will stop increasing
please share me different view of sandbox...........

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New web sites are thought to start off in the sandbox, then when google has more data it moves you out the sandbox. So if it discovers bad things about the site, it's rating will go down at that point. If it discovers good things (back links, no duplicate content, the rating might go up.

So stop worrying and start adding original content, and hopefully someone might link to your site.


I started a new site almost a year ago (for another business of mine) and the sandbox effect (if there really is one) lasted less than two weeks. After the two week period, the web pages ranked very well and have maintained decent positions ever since; in spite of them having no backlinks at all.

So, essentially, in this case, I never observed any Google sandbox effect.


The google sandbox is a name given to an report about the way Google charges internet sites in its collection. It is the individual issue of much debate—its existence has been released but not confirmed, with several statements to the in contrast.

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i think sandbox is not a major problem. It never effected my sites yet.
google is going making some strict decisions about duplicate contents but that not working well...

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