hi guys ,i am new in the field of seo and i want to improve my keyword ranking in seach engine result page as soon as possible.please provide me the list of offpage seo technique according to their importance in decending order.which technique should i give more imphasis to get good keyword ranking.

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Off page SEO tecniques in descending order of their importance:-

Social media optimizaation.
Guest Blogging.
Blog posting.
Blog/ Forum commenting.
Article submission.
Press release submission.
Social Book marking.
Directory submission.


SEO Off page techniques:
Forum Posting
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Article Submission
Press release
Blog Commenting
yahoo Groups
Google Groups


Also Unique Content comes first as "Content is King".
Forums posting
social media optimization
article submission

  1. Social Networking Sites
  2. Blogging
  3. Blog Marketing
  4. Forum Marketing
  5. Search Engine Submission
  6. Directory Submission
  7. Social Bookmarking

SMM activities,Blog commenting,Forum posting,Unique aricle submission,Directory submission,Social bookmarking,Classified ad posting,Press release submission.


Post classified and press release also in off page seo.Do SMO and quality work and make your content valueable in On page seo.


One heads-up here, Off-page optimization only works if you have good On-page optimization covered. Links pointed from externat sites must be from a relevant i.e. related stuff. In old days the number rule used to be pagerank but now its relavance for linkbuilding!

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I think you

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    <a href="www.smart-techvn.com">This is an example</a>


List of Off-Page activities:

  1. Directory Submission
  2. Bookmarking Submission
  3. Article creation and Submission
  4. Press Release Creation and Submission
  5. Forum Posting
  6. Questions & Answer
  7. Blog Creation and Submission
  8. Micro Blogging
  9. Guest Posting & Blog Commenting
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